HELIOS automatic fluorescence immunoassay analyzer REF.IOS-1000

Registration number

National Machinery Injection 20192222357

  • Three needles

    The patented "Three Needle System" can not only reduce the processing time, but also can standardize the work of hole-to-hole preparation, resulting in unparalleled consistency.

  • IFA processing

    Based on the HELMED platform, the HELIOS system can automatically handle with all IFA processing steps.

  • Built-in LED microscope

    The built-in microscope (combined with Nikon's optics) is supplemented by the AESKU engineered electric mount to ensure accuracy and running speed.

  • Slide barcode scanner

    The slide bar code scanner can provide the traceability of samples. The AESKUSLIDES barcode carries information about type, batch number and a unique serial number to ensure traceability of the front end and comply with laboratory certification.

  • Sample barcode scanner

    The sample barcode scanner can ensure the traceability of samples, eliminate errors and time spending to enter long sample ID numbers.

  • Porous frame

    This system posess high flexibility, and can compatible with most test tubes. The test tube is clamped to avoid rotation when scanning the barcode.

  • Image capture

    The built-in camera implements high-tech autofocus algorithm, and each hole can store multiple images.

HELIOS features

  • Up to 190 samples, 20 slides, and 4 different methods each run.

  • Prepare diluted samples on MTP, so no pre-dilution tube is required.

  • Transfer the diluted sample from the MTP to the slide.

  • Single well time management ensures consistent incubation time.

  • Rinse the holes one by one instead of soaking to avoid cross contamination.

  • The automatic mounting fluid addition may only be applicable to our special AESKUSLIDES mounting fluid.

  • There is no need to transfer mounting fluid or slides, the analysis starts automatically.

  • Built-in large nuclear image library.

  • Pre-classification suggestions, users confirm the results and choose the next test.

  • Display all negative functions for fast negative classification.

  • The same screen displays all results of the same batch of all samples with the same ID


  • The AESKUSLIDES product line contains slides and kits for detecting intact cells and tissues for major autoantibodies.

  • All parameters of the product series have been pre-programmed and verified, used in the HELIOS automatic fluorescence immunoassay analyzer.

  • The main karyotypes found on AESKUSLIDES have been collected in the HELIOS automatic fluorescence immunoassay software image library.

  • Easy to handle: ready-to-use reagents and quality control bottles can be installed directly on the HELIOS reagent rack.

  • Fully traceable: each slide is affixed with a product barcode and its own serial number.

  • The specially formulated mounting solution allows to be used in the HELIOS automatic fluorescence immunoassay analyzer.

  • The strong hydrophobic teflon membrane coating of the slide can avoid the problem of cross-contamination and requires a minimum amount of secondary antibody conjugate.

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